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New York University, Office of Public Affairs


At NYU's Office of Public Affairs, I worked as a jack-of-all-trades photographer, videographer, designer, and editor in a small-team environment producing content for the school's social media and press communications. 

In my time at the OPA, I helped bring the university's official brand guidelines to their social content with a twist: using my knowledge of After Effects, I introduced new motion design templates and motifs. In addition, I helped launch their content under the then-new IGTV vertical video format. Scroll down to see a selection of this work. For Heard@NYU, click here.

NYU News: Tips series

Cit.i.zen.ship feature

Event-based livestreams

NYU Brainiacs logo animation and episode one

Heard @ NYU

Heard @ NYU

“Heard @ NYU” was a webseries I edited, released by the OPA under the direction of Tisch Professor Karl Bardosh. It featured Provost Katherine Fleming as she interviewed different departments at the university, showcasing their latest advancements in their respective fields. The webseries was also destined for eventual release on public television networks as part of a larger series of episodes, each focused on a different human sense. Scroll down to watch the first three episodes. 

Heard @ NYU, episode one

Heard @ NYU, episode two

Heard @ NYU, episode three

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