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Flower Girl

“I've fallen in love...with a girl.”

In December of 2015, I was tasked with writing a film. I worked together with this one with my friend and longtime collaborator Sophie Reyes. Josh Sturm, my closest collaborator here in New York City, helped me shoot this one.






Co-Writer, Co-Director
Sophie Reyes

Director of Photography
Josh Sturm

Additional Production Design
Sarah Ishikawa
Castien Dowling

Sound Recordist
Kei Hsu



Technical specifications

This film was shot on a Canon 70D, with Nikon glass using an E to EF mount adapter (a 50mm f/2, 35-70mm f/2). 

This film was cut and delivered using Premiere Pro CC 2016. This film was colored using Speedgrade CC 2016.

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