Bike Dream

For assignment 13 of 20: Activity to Music. Document an activity. The length of your film should be determined by content, not by the length of the pre-recorded piece of music (no lyrics).

A bike ride is plenty cinematic. It’s the consistent motion and the way our eyes smooth over shaky movements naturally that produces this image of gliding alongside a skyline and it’s so goddamn beautiful. I’ve tried my darndest to get this visual out to people, making little movies to post on social media with my phone. I’ve tried different music, different angles, pointing the camera up at the trees, down at my shadow, out to Jersey across the Hudson, and the videos are nice but they never come out as the transformative, powerful experience that I live through every single ride I go on.

I’ve seen things uptown in the dying fall and dead of winter bounds more beautiful than anything I’ve seen here downtown. Up there, the trail sinks down by the water. Rocks are the only thing between the bike path and the Hudson. The trees shine orange and the din of cars disappears and it’s quiet and unlike anything I’d seen in my time down here. I almost refused to believe I was still in the city when I first got there.

I want to transmit that feeling of peace, of freedom, of escape with this piece. I want people to see the beauty in uptown that I’ve found for myself, to expand people’s ideas of what this city can be. I want to share this part of myself that I hold dear with everyone, and the experience I’ve had traveling across the map from south to north to south powered only by my legs and my heart and my lungs.



Director of Photography
Rhea Dudani

Assistant Director, Ronin Operator
Hal Schulman

Dylan Lenze

Special Thanks
Trevor Weng


Technical specifications

All NYU Tisch Sight and Sound projects shot Fall 2018 make use of the Canon C200, as well as a kit of Zeiss Distagon prime lenses (21mm f/2.8, 35mm f/2, 85mm f/2).

This project, in specific, made use of the Sony A7Sii with a 14mm f/2.8 Rokinon lens mounted on top of a Ronin-M.

This project was cut and delivered using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.